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Camel Trip to Abu Gallum

Abu Gallum

Abu Gallum is a sandy cape almost 20 km noth of Dahab. It takes about 2 hours by a 4x4 car to get there, taking the asphalt road to Nuweiba and continuing on an unpaved road through the mountains. You can also get there along the coast by camel.

First we go to the Blue Hole by car where the camel trip begins. You will be guided by experienced Bedouins to the Abu Gallum Bedouin village where we'll have lunch. You can snorkel in the crystal waters or even dive (the equipement is carried by the camels) or just swim or enjoying the desert.

In the late afternoon the camel will bring you back to the Blue Hole where our car is already waiting. It will bring you back to Dahab Divers.

Of course we also offer trips for several days for example to Bir el Oqda (3 days) or even to Ain Chudra (about 8 days!).

Diving is possible all along the Abu Gallum arae. Close to the Bedouin village you'll find a beautiful stone coral garden (keep left).e Hole und von dort per Fahrzeug ins Hotel.

Abu Gallum Under Water
The strain of this trip is medium.You have to walk some kilometers of the trip. No special equipment or shoes are necessary.