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4x4 Safari to the Coloured Canyon

Coloured Canyon

The famous Coloured Canyon is about 90 km north of Dahab. We start the trip in Dahab by a 4x4 car, since the road is very bad, and drive towards Nuweiba till you can see the oasis Ain el Furtaga. The tracks leads uphill through sandy wadis directly to the starting point of the canyon walk. There is a Bedouin cafeteria in this area, where we can stop for a rest. A small path leads down to the canyon and you can start the walk.

We will bring you directly to the canyon by 4x4 car. You need good shoes for the hiking and you need to be in good physical shape. You have to climb down several meters in the canyon and you have to pass some bottlenecks. It's a great adventure! The best time to do the walk is in the late morning when you will have the best sunlight.

At the end of the trip you have to re-climb the plateau. Have a break at the Bedouin cafeteria and that is where the car is waiting for you.

Coloured Canyon
The strain of this trip is medium to hard. Not for overweighed and unfit persons because of the climbs
and the bottlenecks to pass!