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Saint Catherine's Monastery

Saint Catherine

The monastery of St. Catherine, founded in the 6th century, is one of the most famous Greek-orthodox religious centres. Pilgrims from all over the world used to travel to this holy place since many years. Today tourists come to this area either to visit the monastery or to enjoy the overwhelming view from the Gebel Musa. The distance from Dahab is about 120 km. There is a very good asphalt road.

We have to start early in the morning or even in the night time if you wish to climb the peak of Gebel Musa. The car or minibus will bring you to the monastery's parking area and from there it only takes ten minutes to walk to the monastery.

To walk up to Gebel Musa you can use the traditional monk trail with its 3750 steps all the way up to the peak, which is at a height of 2285 m. There is a longer and more comfortable way up where you can ride a donkey or a camel.

Saint Catherine
If you do not want to walk uphill to Gebel Musa the strain of this trip is minimal. But for the hike to the peak you should be in a healthy condition and physically fit.