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Petra, Jordan


Visiting the ancient Nabataean capital is a great experience. Walking through the Siq, a natural formed dark, narrow gorge and finally seeing the picturesque Al Khazneh, Petra's most elaborate ruin, is overhelming. You need time to visit this site. 3 days at least for a good impression. Then you have time also for a short visit of the famous Wadi Rum. Do a one day trip only if you really have not more time.

You start in Dahab in the early morning. Our minibus brings you to Taba, where you take the speed boat to Aqaba. From there you reach Petra by bus. It's quite a long travel but it's worth to do it.

Visitors approach the ancient site from the east after paying an entrance fee at the visitors information center. You can walk down the site or take a horse ride to the Siq entry. From here they offer coaches for a comfortable transport to Al Khazneh. Walk from there to the amphitheatre or take a camel or donkey ride. Have a look to the inside of the ancient tombs with walls of couloured sandstone.

Petra, Siq
If you do not want to walk uphill to the monastery El Deir the strain of this trip is medium. But for the long hike to El Deir or for climbing some of the peaks you should be in a healthy condition and physically fit. Don't forget to drink enough.