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Technical Diving

Tec DivingTec Diving

Technical Diving

Technical diving is our passion!
Dahab is the „Mecca“ of technical diving, scattered around the coast you will find some of the finest Tec diving sites on the planet. These include the world famous Blue Hole, as well as the Canyon, Bells, Tiger Canyon, TJ Canyon and the Abu Helal Canyon system. After a few exploration dives in these largely untouched and pristine areas, we're sure you'll agree with us when we say that Dahab is absolutely fabulous!
The only thing you need in order to explore these magical places is to be a certified decompression diver. This is because the deeper (and the best) areas of these dive sites lie beyond the depth limit for recreational divers. By training with us, we'll ensure that your technical diving skills are up to the challenge.
Dahab Divers Technical / Team Blue Immersion offers the full range service for technical diving including:


  • Student level courses from Basic Nitrox up to Advanced Trimix (TDI & PADI)
  • Instructor courses (TDI)
  • Guided dives (OC/CCR)
  • Technical services
  • Equipment rental
  • Gases
  • Monitoring of exploration dives
  • Safety divers for deep diving or freediving competitions
  • Search and recovery

If you've any questions, please don't hesitate to contact:


Technical Instructor Trainer



Rebreather Courses and Training in Dahab

Imagine that you are diving and that you can spend nearly as long as you want underwater without worrying about running out of gas! Recreational and Technical divers are discovering the benefits of diving with SCR and CCR rebreathers.  Now you can benefit at Dahab Divers from a system that makes the underwater experience safer and more enjoyable. Rebreathers are best for underwater photography, videography, marine biologists, technical divers willing to stay longer or simply any diver who wants to try something different.

We offer training on : The Voyager, Inspiration Classic, Evolution Vision, Sentinel, Draeger (SCR) and Azimuth (SCR)

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